Practice Information

Licensed Professional Counselor

​​I work with adults, individually and in couples, on a range of issues including: relationships, communication, marriage and parenting, life adjustments and transitions, trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, addiction, stress and anger management. I offer additional, specialized services for older adults, caregivers and families, related to the needs of older adults, addressing issues of aging, change and transition, indentifying and locating appropriate resources, and assisting involved caregivers and family members.

In addition to services for clients, I provide clinical supervision to counselors accruing hours towards State Licensure.

In working with clients, I employ and range of modalities and interventions. These include: EMDR (Eye Movement Sensitization and Reprocessing), Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Developmental approaches, Cognitive and Behavioral interventions, Client-Centered focus, along with Humanistic, Existential and Spiritual perspectives. My work with clients can range from more short-term, solution-focused work, to a longer-term, more in-depth focus, depending on the needs and wishes of each client.

My goals in the counseling process are to foster greater confidence and self-awareness, enhance interpersonal skills, resolve underlying issues and concerns, promote effective decision-making and problem-solving, achieve personal balance, improve emotional and psychological wellbeing, and increase effectiveness both personally and professionally. Importantly, I also work with clients towards resolution of trauma and internalized obstacles (ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and believing) that negatively impact overall wellbeing and personal effectiveness.

I am committed to creating a safe, secure environment in which clients can engage in meaningful personal work, address issues of concern, access internal and external resources, and achieve life goals.

I welcome your inquiries about any aspect of my work and to discuss how I can best be of service.

Office Location
3405 Penrose Place   Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80301

* Counseling sessions via telephone, FaceTime and Skype are available on a pre-arranged basis.

* In addition to office-based services, I provide the option of in-home and onsite visits for disabled and elderly clients.

Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Note: Later hours can be available in the evenings, as is possible.  Earlier morning hours are also possibly available, based on individual situations.
Sat: Earlier hours possibly available, as can be arranged.
Sun: Closed

Payment Options
Credit card, check or cash

Insurance: I am a provider for a number of major insurors, including: Aetna; Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Beacon Health (Value Options); Cigna; Humana/LifeSynch; United Behavioral Health (United Health Care); UMR; and several employee assistance programs. If I am not a direct provider for a particular insuror, I can either bill the company directly as a out-of-network provider, or provide a client with a completed insurance billing form that they, in turn, can submit to their insuror for reimbursement.

Contact Information
Office Phone: (303) 449-2743
FAX: (303) 449-4044